AI in economics

Let your audience speak: How we fixed the corporate communication bias

With the help of AI, we have much more data at hands to determine trends in a market based on real-time data. Companies do not longer have to wait for expensive primary research to find out, what their audiences need. With the methods we developed at LIQUID NEWSROOM, we can now cluster conversations based on concepts rather than keyword frequencies, which delivers a much more accurate picture of reality.


No question, digital transformation is one of the most widely used buzzwords these days. More than one company is trying to lead the conversation and investing a lot of money on content marketing to achieve that goal. Some players focus on covering Industry 4.0, others on cloud computing issues as enabling technology. What is that sufficient? If you’re a company offering cloud services, it might be useful to focus on “cloud” as a topic. But once they started their campaigns it only resonated little with the community. Unfortunately, cloud related products and services are only enabling technologies. You can think of them to follow the same characteristics as commodity products. You hardly think of them on a daily base unless you are the only one in charge of it. Such “commodity” services and products don’t get that much attention. Instead, it is hard to grow your reach once you reach the saturation point.

What we found out in our AI-driven research was, that “cloud” is not consumed as a standalone topic. The graphic above shows cross-topic consumption in the market for “digital transformation”. The fascinating finding? While Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0 and Future of work (ZdA) can pretty much stand on their own feet, topics like “cloud” or “m2m” (machine-to-machine communication) show cloud-related articles need context. If you want to market your expertise in such areas you have to dig deeper to contextualize your messages and to understand who’s in the driving seat. Our research was able to accurately identify core relationships between topics so that the company managed to run a much more targeted marketing campaign and focused on publishing relevant information to the key audiences. In general, more targeted messaging achieves higher return-on-investment and delivers insights you can use in other areas like product communication as well, or to adjust your positioning strategy.

At evAI Intelligence we believe that artificial intelligence can help us to excel in providing relevant information to our audiences, which help them to live either a better life or deliver outstanding results at work. That’s why we heavily invest in R&D and why we have developed AI-driven methods to challenge current marketing approaches. We want to assist companies in understanding the hidden mechanics. We want to assist them in decoding their market DNA

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